Breakfast 8am – 2pm

Cali Scramble

scrambled eggs with crimini mushrooms, spinach, onions, swiss cheese, garlic thyme butter, served with toast and our awesome house jam – 12
substitute biscuit for toast +3

Mamaliga (gf)

cheesy polenta, fried and smashed, topped with bacon, feta, sour cream, green onion, red peppers, sauerkraut, fried egg – 13

GP’s Spring Grains (gf)

house chicken breakfast sausage, red peppers,
roasted shallots, spinach, brown rice, tahini lemon
sauce, fried egg – 15

Cauliflower Hash (gf)

roasted cauliflower, shallots and potatoes, jalapeños, red peppers, cilantro pepita pesto, two fried eggs – 16

El Burrito

scrambled eggs, potatoes, onions, red peppers, avocado,
Monterey jack cheese, pickled red onion and jalapeno, house salsa verde, in a flour tortilla served with sour cream on the side – 11
add bacon or sausage +2

Saucy Lil Breakfast Sammy

scrambled eggs, kale, Tillamook cheddar, house pickle
relish, house 1k island, on toasted ciabatta – 12

LA Standard

two eggs, fried or scrambled, focaccia toast, seared tomato
and kale, marinated feta, protein choice: bacon, chicken
breakfast sausage or kielbasa 15
substitute biscuit for toast +3

Churro French Toast

thick sliced ciabatta, cinnamon sugar, chocolate syrup, whipped mascarpone, berries – 13

Lunch & Dinner 11am – 9pm


Carrot Turmeric (VGN, GF)

carrot, onion, celery, fresh turmeric, charred corn cilantro garnish

served with focaccia toast – 7

Grilled Cheese & Soup

carrot soup as above, with grilled cheese on sunflower poppyseed toast (ricotta, cheddar, caramelized onions, honey) – 13


Seedy Caesar

little gem lettuce, house crunch mix (pumpkin, poppy,
sunflower, and tuxedo sesame seeds, toasted breadcrumbs),
tahini ceasar dressing *contains dairy and fish – 12
add chicken breast or avocado +3
add seared salmon or lamb tenderloin +5

Fancy Mushrooms (vgn, gf)

roasted mushrooms (king oyster, crimini, beech) baby spinach and frisée lettuce, parsley, shallots, pine nuts,
champagne vinaigrette – 12


Marinated Feta Dip (gf)

with olive oil, urfa chili, lemon zest, roasted tomato,
served with focaccia or veggies (gf) – 8

Bulz (gf)

polenta dumpling filled with gouda cheese, red peppers and sauerkraut, served with
sour cream and pico verde – 5 single, 8 double

Crispy Fried Potatoes (vgn, gf)

dilly aioli (vgn), or garlic aioli


stuffed flatbread made fresh to order (pick one filling) – 7

feta dill (sour cream)

smoked cabbage, purple potato (dilly aioli vgn)


The “Alpha”

avocado, roasted red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, marinated feta, and veganaise on sunflower poppy seed toast – 13

Turkey & Avocado

house roasted turkey breast, provolone, avocado, sliced tomato, green leaf lettuce, vinaigrette, nigella aioli and mustard on ciabatta – 13

Mediterreanean Chicken Melt

lemon chicken, monterey jack and feta cheese, spinach, herbs, roasted red peppers, pico verde,
zacuscă, on house flatbread – 13


Beef Goulash (gf)

hearty beef stew with root veg (turnip, carrot, fennel),
lots of paprika, polenta dumpling – 17
add focaccia toast +3

Chicken Paprikash (gf)

chicken thighs braised in creamy tomato red pepper sauce, with polenta – 15
add focaccia toast +3

Lamb Charmoula

seared lamb kebab (ground lamb, green herbs, tahini) with couscous, black lentils,
dried apricots and cherries, pistachios, charmoula
(herby smoky North African pesto) – 18

Vegan Spring Grains

roasted cauliflower, crispy lemon chili tofu, red
peppers, brown rice, spinach, mushrooms (king oyster, beech), tahini lemon sauce – 16

add chicken breast or avo +3
add seared salmon or lamb kebab +5

Salmon Spaetzle

seared atlantic salmon filet with spring pea spaetzle,
beech mushrooms, red cabbage, herbs – 18