Nine years ago, we started Lemon Poppy Kitchen with scarcely a shoestring budget, a couple of hand made tables, a counter crafted by a friend on the promise of free ice coffee and biscuits (love you Steven..)   We had found out about a bakery in a strip mall that was vacating it’s lease, and we saw an opportunity to escape the grind of commissary kitchen overhead costs and maybe sell a few coffees and pastries here and there.  Then you showed up, and everything changed.

The three of us came together over a love of good food, wanting to share that with our neighbors, our friends, anyone who would stop and try a sample at the farmers market.  Thank you all, for supporting us, for hanging with us through the tough times, for making it all worth it with your friendship and kindness – and continuing to do so! We have big plans for the future, stay tuned..


Katie Anca and Jack