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Covid 19 update: 3 months in

Hey everyone, hope you and your family are doing well

These past few months have been a new experience for all of us, collectively, as we struggle to cope with the new reality of a pandemic world.  Masks, gloves, rigorous cleaning, social distancing.. we’ve been doing it for each other, hoping and praying to not catch or spread the virus.  So far we’ve been lucky, as a state, to not see widespread transmission like that in NYC or some other hot spot areas.  So far..  but we have to remain vigilant for each other!  Lemon Poppy continues to offer daily grocery pickup – you pop the trunk, we drop off your groceries.  We continue to ask our delivery drivers to sanitize hands when they come in, to keep masks on, and to keep the required distance.

In exciting news, we are offering meals for seniors with the help of volunteers with Glassell Park Improvement Association and others.  Shout out to Helene for her amazing work on that front!  https://www.gp90065.org/ for more info.

Stay safe and see you all soon! LPK

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