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Covid 19 update: Yikes, what is going on!!!

Dear friends and family of Lemon Poppy Kitchen, this is a tough time for us all. Coronavirus is a seriously nasty bug,

and nobody wants to mess with anything like that.  The whole nation is coming together to try and avoid spreading this horrible, horrible virus to anyone who is immuno-compromised or has pre-existing medical conditions.  This means anyone who is over 60 years old, or who has ever had a heart condition, kidney trouble, diabetes, or any form of respiratory ailments and others.  That’s a lot of people! We can’t afford to let anyone we love get sick from this thing because we didn’t do the right thing.

The governor has ordered all restaurants closed to DINE-IN customer business, which means we can only offer you pick-up and delivery at this time.  Beyond that, we are taking every precaution we can to ensure that none of our staff are exposed to anyone who might be a carrier of the virus. The dining room is an in and out only situation, and proper distancing protocol needs to be followed.

Please, if you traveled anywhere that might be an exposure situation, or learned that you might have been somewhere where the virus was, DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAY INDOORS.  We’ll deliver, and the driver can leave food for you.  This thing is serious and we can’t let it spread!  I have embedded a map below from the Press Telegram who made a map of the neighborhoods where LA County is reporting that Coronavirus has spread.  So far, the east side has fairly few cases…  Let’s keep it that way!

Lastly, this is incredibly tough time to be a small business in this environment.  If you are able, please support us in any way you can.  We are trying our best to bounce back from this thing and bring back hours for the over 15 people who relied on us for their livelihood, as soon as we can. Please, consider buying an e-gift card here if you’d like to help.